GastroElm Plus Helps Newfie With Upset Stomach & Diarrhea

Posted by Michael Peterson on

Newfie With GI Issues

Here is a picture of my Newfie Paddington. Gastroelm Plus has been a real game changer when it comes to getting a handle on Paddington’s tummy issues. For a good part of last year, paddy suffered from constant upset stomach and diarrhea (not a pretty sight on a hairy dog).

Nothing we tried eliminated the problem — pumpkin, chicken & rice, meds from vet, intermittent fasting, etc. it gave him temporary relief but the moment we went to normal diet, it started back up. Until I was introduced to GastroElm Plus by another Newfie friend. Just a couple of days of adding it to his diet and he was good as new. I cannot thank you enough for the product. We always have a bag of it in stock for emergencies. 

Brinda G.


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  • He is just precious!

    Gisela Kayfus on

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