Nine Years Of Amazing Results!

GastroElm Plus has helped thousands of Dogs, Horses and Cats with severe digestive disorders since 2013!

GastroElm Plus was originally formulated to manage pancreatitis symptoms and other digestive disorders in dogs but has proven equally effective in cats and for ulcers, colic and other conditions in horses (Click here for equine specific information). Since each big bag contains more than 90 doses (for large animals), it is extremely cost effective compared to prescription based alternatives, as low as 39 cents per dose. It’s even more cost effective for animals under 20 pounds at as little as 39 cents per week!

If your animal has a sensitive stomach or is a finicky eater, GastroElm Plus is the perfect solution to avoid future vet bills. It’s also great for dogs who tend to get into things that they shouldn’t be eating. Simply give them a dose whenever stomach upset arises.

It is manufactured in the USA using a proprietary blend of high quality human grade Milk Thistle Seed Powder, Dandelion Root Powder and Marshmallow Root Powder blended with the finest Appalachian wildcrafted Slippery Elm Bark Powder.

It forms a smooth gel that acts almost like an internal bandage when mixed with water. It coats and soothes the stomach and digestive tract to help the animal feel better very quickly.

Slippery elm soothes and lubricates the mucous membranes that line the digestive tract. That makes it an excellent treatment for ulcers, gastritis, colitis and other inflammatory bowel problems. It’s high in fiber, which helps normalize intestinal action. This means it can be used to relieve both diarrhea and constipation. Our slippery elm powder is specially ground to easily mix into a smooth gel instead of being clumpy, so it’s easy to use with an oral syringe if needed.

Milk Thistle is supportive to the liver and other vital organs to aid in long term health. Since it is a powerful liver cleanser, it helps rebuild liver cells while removing toxins from the body that are processed through the liver. Milk thistle is effective at naturally reversing the harmful effects of pesticides in the environment and food supply, heavy metals in the water supply, pollution in the air that we breathe and even poisons!

Marshmallow Root helps restore integrity of the gut lining by forming a protective layer around small junctions (avoiding leaky gut). In addition, it seems to be beneficial for inflammatory bowel diseases, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Dandelion Root has many nourishing and healing properties for the digestive tract. Additionally, the antioxidants in dandelion root have been shown to be supportive to the liver as well. It also possesses antimicrobial properties that can help stop the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

All four herbs work in conjunction with one another in a way that has proven to be most beneficial.*

What Others Are Saying!

Awesome! This worked so well for my dogs that I tried it on my horse who had major GI issues and this along with good feed changed her life! This product made it possible for my 22 year old horse to get back to eating baked hay along with her soaked pellets. She’s putting on weight and looks amazing.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful medicine, this is true medicine. My little Yoshi is feeling wonderful, back playing and giving attitude within 3 days!


What you have created is truly a miracle. I call it the “miracle gel” for people not familiar with it. We are forever grateful to you! After Amadeus was diagnosed with pancreatitis, we were struggling with him having constant flares and ending up in the hospital. It was becoming an endless cycle. The medications he was on, were just not working for him. One evening he started to have a pancreatic flare, I gave him a dose of Gastro Elm Plus, for the first time. Within 10 minutes, it was over. It literally stopped his flare in it’s tracks. I went on to give him this twice daily, and we have not had a pancreatic flare since. (He was on daily Cerenia, which we have been able to stop). I cannot speak highly enough of this product, the speed at which it works and it’s effectiveness. This is a MUST for anyone with a pet with gastrointestinal issues. Angel was lucky to have you, as are all of the sick souls that you help on a daily basis.

Many blessings,

Teresa M.

I am 100% certain that GastroElm Plus saved my Mini Schnauzer, Maisy’s life. She has chronic pancreatitis. It had gotten to the point that she was at death’s doorstep. She had been to the vet…several times. It was always the same thing. Antibiotics, anti-vomiting meds, IV fluids, low-fat prescription dog food, etc. She got thinner and sicker. She was at the point where she had explosive bloody diarrhea and couldn’t keep food down.. I was researching alternate treatments to pancreatitis and was actually searching for a pet crematorium on the internet when I stumbled on this product. I thought, what did I have to lose? My little girl wasn’t going to make it anyhow. She had already lost half her body weight. I received this in a couple of days and gave it to her right away. Within 24 hours the bloody diarrhea and vomiting stopped. I gave her two doses per day as recommended for almost a year. She continued to improve. Her little body was so worn down and distressed that it took several months for her to fully recover but she’s doing great now. I still give GastroElm Plus to Maisy on occasion when I think she may be having some tummy trouble, which is rare. It gives me peace of mind to know that I have it on hand if I need it. I can’t recommend this product enough!

Cheri G.

This stuff is AMAZING! My dog had been vomiting daily at 3am. Vets couldn’t figure it out. He was on Pepcid and Prilosec for months and that only slightly helped. I gave this to him twice a day for 3 days, then he stopped eating it in the morning so now I just give it once daily in the evening. He has not been sick since using this except if we happen to forget it 2 days in a row. He will never go without it now, and if I forget he reminds me to get it. My dog loves it and so do we!


This stuff is AWESOME!!!! My dog I believe has pancreatitis. I took her to the vet and he did a small examination and just prescribed metronidazole. Which helped firm her stools but right after she finished she had bloody diarrhea again. After doing more research and asked for some advice on natural remedies i was told to try this that it’ll help tons with her digestive upset. I received it on Sunday I fasted her for 24 hours and then fed her with this stuff on top the instruction on the package didn’t instruct to fast I was told to do this to relieve any stress on the pancreas.i just took one of those large size spoons and scooped out enough powder to cover almost half the spoon but not quite a little less ham a tablespoon I always eyeball stuff so I also just mixed it with a little bit of warm water or some warmed up homemade chicken broth. While mixing it it becomes super gelatinous like flaxseed hell or egg white. She didn’t have a problem drinking it which was great she can be a little picky. Also by reading the instruction my dog is 53 pounds so I gave her a tiny bit but I did eyeball the amount. It’s now Tuesday and I’ve been giving this with every meal since Sunday night her her stool is already looking firm and no blood !! This bag is pretty big and for the small amount I’m using this stuff it’s going to last forever especially since it worked so fast for me. so the $40 I spent is actually worth it which makes me happy  I’m very pleased with this stuff. I’m also pairing it with the diggin firm up powder because amazon recommended them together as frequently bought so that’s what I’ve been doing I think they complement each other very well. Defiantly try this I give it 10/10 !!!

Veronica S

This was a Godsend for my dachshund Churchill. He has stress colitis. Gastroelm is amazing for helping to sooth and heal my little ones stomach and intestinal track. It’s been a long haul but he is finally better and back to normal bowel movements. Still a learning curve when adding things back into his far so good! Patience, love and care is so important on top of using this amazing product.


This has helped my 5lb senior yorkie with chronic pancreatitis. She was taking sucralfate before every meal and it was getting expensive. Now I make up the gastroelm plus once a week. I give her 3ml before every meal and she drinks it right off a spoon. 5-10 minutes later I feed her. Her stomach makes less noise after eating, she is no longer uncomfortable and fidgety when trying to lay down, her back isn’t arched from stomach pain, there is no vomiting, and so far no more pancreatitis flare ups. She’s been on this since January.


My Murray had giardia and GastroElm helped restore his health. He’s 14 and weighs 9 pounds. He lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks before he was finally correctly diagnosed. He loved the taste of this stuff and I credit it to helping him get better and put weight back on. I gave him this in addition to Flagel.

Ron C.

My 8 yr old Shepherd has long suffered from all manner of tummy problems, and this slippery elm powder has been such a boon for us! Helps w/ his acid reflux in ways I haven’t found with a plethora of other products we have used. I even recommended it to a friend for her dogs indigestion and bile spot-ups, and they haven’t had an instance since they starred taking it. It’s a permanent part of our daily supplements now! Thank you GastroElm Plus!


My 55lb dog Dixie has chronic bacterial overgrowth of the bowel, & ANY stress (even telling her bad girl or using a firm tone of voice) was enough to send her into action, & sometimes it was with no known reason-withing hours she would be throwing up, then diarrhea, and she would lose 5 lbs n a day! She was n Flagyl & Reglan almost constantly-I never go anywhere without a dull range of meds ‘in case’! Poor baby was miserable! I did my research,got her on the best diet for this, started daily probiotics, continued the tbsp of plain yogurt daly & 1 wk/month pumpkin & she was much better-we were down from every 4 wk Flagyl to maybe every 5 month Flagyl & occasional Reglan use! Pretty awesome! But she still had tummy aches often, salivated/licked her lips, & audible stomach noises, so I decided to try gastroelm-we add it dry on top of her yogurt every morning ( she loves it!) & bingo! She is even better! We’ve been using for several months, have had NO Flagyl, Rare Reglan, & only occasional lip-licking/tummy growling! She is the best dog, & now she can enjoy life without the misery of constant tummy aches!

Mommy A

My dog was really sick. He had bloody diarrhea, he wouldn’t come out from hiding, and he wouldn’t want to go for a walk outside. He also refused to eat any food we gave him. I couldn’t afford the vet’s treatment and I found this from some one reviewing it online. Their dog had the same problems as my dog. I have this to my dog, and he literally started eating again the first day. I noticed the next couple of days he was back to normal and his stool was too. Finding this was truly a blessing.

Grateful Customer

Miracle meds for Maggie!  I was a little unsure of this product but ordered anyway after reading reviews. I’m so glad I ordered this. I have a 4-1/2 pound 7 y/o Maltese who was diagnosed w pancreatitis 3 years ago. The vet put her on EN food which helped some but from time to time she still had “spells”. She wouldn’t eat, laid around & would tremble, and i could tell she was hurting. I gave her Pepto and it would temporarily help. THIS PRODUCT IS A MIRACLE!! She has energy of a puppy & just feels great!! Im goin to continue to use this & highly recommend. Its so easy to use & much cheaper than the vet!! Buy it! U will be glad u did!!


This product is the best! My Yorkie suddenly presented with pancreatitis and colitis and this has really helped him. We have been dealing with this for a month now. Since giving him this product his attacks seem to be less often and not as severe. Last night at 2:30 am he started with the very noisy tummy growling which always precedes an attack, I gave him a dose of this and applied a warm compress to his tummy and within 10 minutes all the noisy grumblings stopped. He still had the bloody mucous that he passed, but again, it is getting less and doesn’t last as long. This stuff truly is a great product and at only pennies per dose, (his prescription was 10.00 a day) and I think this is working better.

T. Ali

After 3 weeks of sickness and spending over $1000 on vet bills, emergency vet bills, and prescription medications, my Red Heeler was still pooping bloody diarrhea (original diagnosis = bacterial diarrhea). Worse than that, his diarrhea turned into melena (diagnosis = stomach and small intestinal ulcers). He lost six pounds in less than a week and would not eat or drink.

I ordered GastroElm Plus. Two days later he was eating and drinking again. In less than a week on GastroElm Plus he produced his first normal poop in nearly a month!!

This stuff is a miracle. I highly recommend this product!!!


Available In Two Sizes!

The Big Bag for $43.95 makes 90 batches for a horse or large dog and up to a two year supply for small animals!  (49 cents per batch)

The Small Bag for $29.95 makes 50 batches for a horse or large dog and approximately a one year supply for animals under 20 pounds.  (60 cents per batch)

*A Batch is 1 tablespoon of powder mixed with 3-4 ounces of water.  It is a one day supply for a large dog (over 100 pounds), one serving for a horse and a one week supply for animals under 20 pounds.

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GastroElm Plus – Small Bag
GastroElm Plus – Small Bag

GastroElm Plus – Small Bag

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GastroElm Plus – Big Bag
GastroElm Plus – Big Bag

GastroElm Plus – Big Bag

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