GastroElm Plus Helps Rescue Horse With Colic

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This is my rescued horse, Pride’s Viper.


His history was horrible. He came to a friend with most of the hide beaten off one side of his neck. The friend spent several months rehabilitating Pride but was never able to ride him consistently because Pride would spook & jump at any little movement. Since my friend knew my history with the TN Walking Horse breed, they asked if I could take him.

I agreed immediately & brought him to live with my herd & me.  Pride was nervous about everything new & it was all new. Kindness, good feed, lots of pasture & gentle horsemanship techniques.

Pride was prone to colic when he came here 7 years ago. I suspected that he might be suffering from ulcers & my vet agreed with me. Since I would rather use an all natural remedy than traditional medicines, I started to research my options. That is when I discovered GastroElm Plus. I ordered my first bag & have never looked back. Pride’s demeanor changed from always jumpy to a cool, calm dude. His colic episodes came to a halt.

He still is not wild about changes to his routine but his reaction is much more in line with normal horse behavior.  If I take away the GastroElm Plus for too long, his colic issues return. I keep him on a maintenance dose every day. The product is so affordable that I can do that without breaking the budget & I know the ingredients will not harm him long term.

Thank you for making this life saving product.  I also use it on my Pomeranian with IBS issues & 2 other horse with hind gut issues.

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