GastroElm Plus Helps Horse To Eat Again

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GastroElm Plus Helps Horse With Ulcers

My horse Rex stopped eating all his supplements which he needs along with his hay pellets.  Someone mentioned ulcers but I so didn't have hundreds of dollars to get him scooped and then whatever the treatment would cost. I thought to myself: Hey! I"ve got GastroElm Plus. So for 3 days he got a tiny serving of hay pellets and gastroelm about 30 minutes before I fed him his breakfast and dinner meals (minus the supplements as I didn't want to waste them).  Within 3 days of twice a day doses of gastroelm he was back to eating his supplements!

He has crappy feet due to bad Farriers and navicular and really needs his hoof supplements!! I kept him on once a day GastroElm for a month to continue the support and he was fully back to eating like his  normal self!  I was so excited to get him back feeling better and eating his much needed supplements. I will also have GastroElm in my feed room for emergency situations like this! He actually seems to really enjoy the taste as well. I've sprinkled it on top of some wet hay pellets which he normally doesn't like, dry only, and eats it all right up!

He had a really bad life before me where he was almost starved to death and was actually confiscated by the police so he absolutely deserves the best!
Thank you for supplying such a great product!!

Kady & Rex

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