GastroElm Plus Helps Dog With Chronic Pancreatitis

Posted by Michael Peterson on

GastroElm Plus for Pancreatitis in Dogs

Molly became really sick a year ago.  After an ultrasound it was determined that she had chronic pancreatitis.  My Vet did not give me any ideas on how to treat it other than a low fat diet.  But my animal communicator told me about GastroElm.  It saved Molly’s life.  I just mix it up and put it in her food. 

I only missed one dose when there was a shooting of a police officer where I grew up.  I was so shocked that I forgot to add the GastroElm.  Immediately were were back to all the symptoms of chronic pancreatitis.  I have told so many friends and family members about the product.  

Thank you for having a terrific product!! 

Janice Birney and Molly

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