Dog with Pancreatitis & Gallbladder Sludge Makes Excellent Recovery!

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My dog became ill in April of 2019.  She was diagnosed with Sludge in her gallbladder, put on Ursodiol and we assumed we found the problem. A month later she was no better and we found a mass on her spleen so we removed the spleen and assumed we found the problem.  She was on and off food for the next year or so, finally diagnosed with pancreatitis and I had to put in a feeding tube as it got really bad. The tube helped tremendously because she had an aversion to low fat foods.  Once I could keep calories in her and get her used to low fat foods we were in better shape and I took the feeding tube out, but she had little energy and would relapse often which devastated me. Now we get to my point.



Around December 26th, 2020 I started my first dose of Gastro Elm and haven’t missed a dose since.  It took a few weeks for me to see the full benefit.  My 14 year old Chihuahua mix has the energy of a 6 year old now. Her appetite is back (although she would still prefer a high fat diet!!)  She doesn’t shake anymore. She is happy, she plays, she is the dog I remember before all this illness began in April of 2019.

I was very hesitant to purchase GastroElm, as it is outside of the usual medications we use at the veterinary practice where I have worked for the last 15+ years. I saw so many people talk about it on the FaceBook Pancreatitis pages and it kept haunting me that there was something I had not tried that was working for others.I finally ordered a bag.  A relapse had gotten especially bad so I ordered a bag.  I am so happy I did. For my dog it has made all the difference in the world, I have no doubt of this.  Other things that have helped, I took my dog off Ursodiol (much early on) as we did figure out that it caused her to be nauseous (a little known side effect) and we added adequan (she is part daschund and all that comes with that at her age). I do attribute very much of her success at the moment to GastroElm Plus and wanted to share that with you.  You were very kind in corresponding with me and your Youtube video was so helpful.  There are not enough words to thank you for creating this product and sharing it with pets all over the world.

With sincere gratitude,
Lisa Z. and Pisher.

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