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Unavoidable Price Increases For GastroElm Plus

Since 2013 when we started selling GastroElm Plus we have kept the price at $39.95 even though costs have steadily risen each year.  2020 is turning out to be a little too extreme however as shipping costs have increased twice and so has the price we pay for wild crafted slippery elm.  Shipping costs have been annoying but Slippery Elm is the most dramatic due to a lack of harvesting done this past year due to Covid 19.  I know people blame everything on Covid but in reality many people stayed home for months instead of working and now we are experiencing shortages that will most likely persist or even worsen into next summer.  One such shortage is in Appalachian Wild Crafted Slippery Elm bark.

We are committed to using the finest ingredients which is why GastroElm Plus delivers great results even in animals who haven’t responded to other supplements.  The cost of the slippery elm we use increased 10% in July and another 32% last week.  It makes up over 70% of our blend for GastroElm Plus so we need to raise the price of a small bag by $2, the big bag by $4 and the Twin Pack by $8.   This does not make up for the increases we are experiencing but it makes things manageable.

Things might get worse before they get better, so we might have to institute another price increase this spring until this shortage resolves itself.  If prices return to prior levels, we will adjust ours accordingly.  Unfortunately, higher prices seem to be sticky so we’ll have to see if and when supplies return to normal levels.  It could take until the middle of next summer.

Right now, we aren’t planning on eliminating free shipping but we might have to institute a $1.99 flat fee for shipping if prices increase again in January.  Whatever happens, I plan to be as conservative as possible with price increases.  As you can tell by the fact that I haven’t upped prices in over 7 years, it’s not something I like to do.


We wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Michael, Sheri & Ashley