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Mare Eating & Feeling Good Again!

I have an older mare that had a massive infection in april of 2019. I have been fighting her about eating for almost a year now. She would eat a few bites and stop or she wouldn’t eat at all. I would have to change grains to try to find something for her to eat. She recently fractured her femur and once again stopped eating.

I was giving her Ulcergard everyday for 12 days, which comes out to $11 a day. I started her on this supplement about a week ago and for the first time in almost a year she has become a clean plater. Not only does she eat everything in her dish, but when she wants more, she has become demanding, WHICH I LOVE!! She can’t have all of her food at once because she chokes. Her overall demeanor has completely changed. I was getting ready to put her down because she always seemed depressed and simply wouldn’t eat. Now she’s squealing and carrying on. This mare wouldn’t even eat all of her hay and now she does. She is the pickiest eater, but has no problem eating this as a top coat to her grain. I have tried a million things to try to get her back on track. Like I said, I was going to put her down this spring, but she has made a complete 180. I honestly didn’t think this would make a difference, but I am amazed. I can’t thank this company enough for giving me more time with my horse. The price is amazing too. Cannot be beat.

As a side note, yes, she has been under the care of multiple vets over the past year. Blood work was done with completely normal results. Along with the Ulcergard she gets B12, but none of that helped. The vets were at a loss as to why she wouldn’t eat.

Lisa M.

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GastroElm Plus for Older Horses

When we first created GastroElm Plus the thing I noticed most was that older animals would start doing things they hadn’t done since they were young. This week one of our customers reminded us of this when she posted the video below of her horse, Mic, on Facebook.

It’s been years since I’ve seen these moves out of the old man. Anyone who saw Mic back in the day will recognize these little moves. My smile was so big this morning when I came around the corner to see this. 💕💕


After I asked her about the video she sent me this note:

I believe GastroElm Plus has gotten him back to his feisty self after some laminitis issues this winter. He had made progress in the pain management of the laminitis before the GastroElm but just was still feeling under the weather. He wasn’t that excited for food and his stools were a little runny. The high dose of pain meds he had been on could do that but the GastroElm got him back on track! Super super happy! You guys made a good product!

Ally S. – 3/25/2019