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GastroElm Plus Helps Weaving Mare

Weaving in horses is generally a habit of moving back and forth on it’s forelegs causing it to sway and moving their head back and forth.  In some cases it’s caused by a lack of exercise, foraging or socialization, but in other cases it may be a sign of discomfort.  We received the following note from Mary regarding a mare named, Scarlett who she said was always a nervous mare and a weaver.


I want to thank you for this amazing product! I have been using on my nervous mare who has ulcers and is a weaver. I have to say after just a week, she has almost quit doing it completely! She is much more calm and happy. My yearling was colicky a couple weeks ago, so I gave this to him as well and it helped a lot. I will continue to keep my horses on it.

Mary W.


For more information regarding the use of GastroElm Plus in horses click here.

2 thoughts on “GastroElm Plus Helps Weaving Mare

  1. I would love to know how you are treating your dog w IBD, my dog has just been diagnosed. He is a registered ChowChow.. he is 4 1/2 yrs old.. I ordered this same product, I to saw on a fbook post, I just want him to get his appetite back, he was picky to begin with, ( I have always free fed) he eats one kibble at a time so he wasn’t inhaling his food so , I felt he ate when he wanted, after learning now dogs being picky etc are possible early signs of problems. I am on wk ONE..and getting him to eat us unreal, I took off work for the entire wk, tried chic and rice, turkey, probiotic, yogurt, was prescribed Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein kibble..he turns his nose up, his attitude has done a 360, he seems depressed, just wants to sleep. I agree after that emergency surgery (his stomach was bloated and they had to go in and release, it was so bloated they thought there was a foriegn object, when they got in.. just air and inflammation. They took 5 biopsies, that is how IBD was diagnosed. So I will take all the personal information you are willing to share.
    They have him on prednisone (1wk 50mgs) metronidazole (250mgs). I’m at $3000 for my baby, and I feel I haven’t done nothing for him..I feel helpless.

    1. Hi Tammy,

      I sent you an email.



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